Short Fiction


In AE’s Stargazers: Micro Tales from the Cosmos, December 2020.

She was the first. The first born of nine. The first in her family to study the dark art of science…. Read the story.

View from the Fifth Floor

New Decameron, April 2020.

It hovers just outside my window. Grim. Looming in charcoal…. Read the story or donate to the Decameron Project.

One Way Trip in a Stasis Suit

AE—The Canadian Science Fiction Review, Winter 2015 issue.

The commander’s voice was a false calm. Mechanical. He was already dead and he knew it…. Read the story.

The Winnipeg Kid

AE—The Canadian Science Fiction Review, Fall 2014 issue.

Johnny Golden’s blond ringlets are slick with sweat and blood. His blue eyes — beautiful, almost feminine — swell with tears…. Read the story or listen to an audio performance (story starts at 4:20).

The Sentence is Always Death

Daily Science Fiction, March 14, 2014

I’m forty-three, well beyond my years for needing a nanny. Yet Nanny is in the audience. Of course she is…. Read the story.

Dottie Hinkle, Originally from Baltimore

AE—The Canadian Science Fiction Review, Spring 2014 issue.

My name is Dottie Hinkle. I’m nine years old, and I live in Sheridan County, Nebraska…. Read the story.